The Rise Of An Entrepreneur

Moyna Begum is the owner of Pranto Sanitary, a small sanitary shop located in a village in Bagerhat. She is very well known in her community as a successful female entrepreneur. Her journey began in 2012 as a service provider of Bondhu Chula (Improved Cookstove). She is still involved with Bondhu Chula and her long standing experience has given her more confidence to manage her business. She has two sons who support and inspire her to move ahead with her business.

In 2015, Moyna Begum also became involved with the promotion of Retained Heat Cookers (RHC), a heat insulation based cooking solution that compliments cook stoves. She sold 70 within the first 3 months and has continued selling them ever since. Moyna Begum uses a Retained Heat Cooker in her own home too. She says being a user helps her to clearly explain to her customers about the benefits and proper procedures of using this technology.

Moyna Begum has come up with an innovative idea to create awareness about Retained Heat Cookers among her existing Bondhu Chula customers. Whenever she visits a household to set up a Bondhu Chula, she carries her own Retained Heat Cooker with rice, lentils, oil and spices. After setting up the stove, she asks the permission of her customers to use it for preparing her own lunch, In addition to testing the newly installed stove, this also gives her an opportunity to demonstrate the use of the Retained Heat Cooker. After boiling the rice and lentils, she removes it from the stove and places it in the cooker.

At the same time, she explains to the members of the household that the cooking will be completed in the Retained Heat Cooker. While it cooks, she explains the other benefits of using the RHC. When the food is ready, she offers them a taste. Moyna Begum has received great response through applying this innovative approach of promoting a relatively new product. Moyna Begum enjoys promoting the Retained Heat Cookers within her community; not only has it added to her income, but introducing families to a product that saves their time and fuel cost is also a pleasure to her.