Solar Pipe Light For Natural Lighting In Industries

The Solar Pipe Light (SPL) is a simple technological solution with the potential of reducing energy consumption in small and medium industries. It is a tubular lighting device which can be installed at the roof level and transmits light to an interior area simply by sunlight reflection. It channels daylight into buildings through a reflective hollow pipe to ensure proper illumination without electricity consumption, decreasing the pressure on artificial lighting system and fuel import.

The lights can be easily installed in existing factories without any major structural change. This technology has been piloted in a small agro/food processing factory which now enjoys 10-12 hours of free natural light instead of depending on electric bulbs. An R &D for an improvised version of Solar Pipe Light was conducted with support from BUET.

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  • Al Mudabbir Bin Anam
  • Programme Coordinator, REEEP
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