Solar Chiller

A significant portion of dairy products produced every day is wasted before it reaches consumers or even just before it is consumed. Among many factors contributing to the loss, one major reason is insufficient storage with cooling facility for the dairy supply chain. Unstable electricity supply often serves as the barrier to integrate cold chain capabilities. As such dependency on diesel generator across the country is also prevailing for power supply to chilling stations. The solution to this would be harnessing available renewable energy sources such as solar, biogas, etc. for power generation.

Based on the above needs, REEEP implemented a showcase project on Solar Milk Chiller at House of Agro Services & Ideas (HASI Farm) Ltd. at Rangpur. The milk chiller is running by Biogas-solar hybrid system developed by GIZ REEEP programme which is first of its kind in Bangladesh. In addition, for the sustainability and further replication of the concept REEEP has also developed a business model for the showcase biogas-solar hybrid project.

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  • Al Mudabbir Bin Anam
  • Programme Coordinator, REEEP
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