Solar Aquaculture

Currently there are 200 semi intensive shrimp farms consisting of around 2000 pond operating in the southern area of Bangladesh. Insufficient dissolved oxygen causes low productivity even death of shrimps. Due to the lack of grid electricity in most of the shrimp producing areas of the coastal belt (and irregular grid power supply pattern to few areas), dependence on diesel fuel is continuing for aquaculture management and modern technological options are not available to the shrimp producers. Often, this results in high mortality rates (60%-80%) of the shrimp and prawns. Financially viable alternative power supply solution for aquaculture has become essential.

Based on the above need, REEEP has developed an aeration technology powered by solar driven DC water pump for maintaining aquaculture environment (aeration, circulation and cleaning of pond water). The technology has been theoretically proven to maintain dissolved oxygen level to 5-6ppm and create necessary water circulation wave. A pilot was conducted at a shrimp farm in Mongla, Bagerhat. Shrimp research Station, BFRI, Bagerhat has assessed the efficiency and impacts of solar power-driven aeration and circular water current system in shrimp farming, including the specific impacts of shading caused by solar panels.

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