Commercial Biogas

The disposal and management of huge volumes of waste is a growing concern for Bangladesh. Converting this waste to an energy source can open new doors of possibility. Biogas digesters fed with organic waste such as cow dung, poultry litter, night soil, crop waste, water hyacinth or leaves, represent a simple, comparatively inexpensive but highly effective energy solution. They produce biogas, which can be used as a clean fuel for cooking, lighting or generating power. Biogas digesters also produce bio slurry as a by-product, which is a high–quality, pathogen-free organic fertiliser. Since 2006, over 1,500 commercial biogas plants have been installed in small to large scale businesses such as dairy and poultry farms.

REEEP conducted a comprehensive multidisciplinary study covering an in-depth review of the existing state of agro-commercial biogas subsector and developing a way forward with necessary insights to conduct a sectoral review for the overall Commercial Biogas Subsector development in Bangladesh. The key findings and recommendations from the study report and the Roadmap for Commercial Biogas Sector Development has been presented to stakeholders. A showcase project for commercial biogas is being implemented based on recommendations from the study report endorsed by stakeholders. A business model for commercial biogas incorporating findings and analysis from the showcase project has also been developed.

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