Waste Heat Recovery

Agriculture contributes around 20% to the GDP of Bangladesh. Sustainable supply of energy is one of the major catalysts required to boost agricultural production and sustainable management of agricultural products. Limited access to cold storages, packaging and transportation is a major constraint in the production of larger quantities of potatoes, vegetables and fruits.

REEEP conducted a feasibility study on waste heat recovery from power plants for operating cold storages in Bangladesh. The Government formed a national Task Force to support implementation of the pilot measures proposed in the study. Utility scale National Waste Heat Database from Power Stations has also been prepared. As per recommendation of the Task Force, detailed feasibility studies on Cold Chamber from waste heat recovery at Ashuganj Power station site and on food drying at Western Zone Power Plants have also been completed.

To know more about this activity:

  • Al Mudabbir Bin Anam
  • Programme Coordinator, REEEP
  • E-mail: Mudabbir.anam@giz.de