Efficiency Improvement of Three Wheelers

A large number of electric three wheelers are operated in many parts of Bangladesh. A research & development study focused on improving the efficiency of three wheeler ‘Easy Bike’ battery charging systems has been conducted by REEEP in cooperation with BUET. The study aimed at the development of an energy efficient charging system with power factor correction unit for rickshaws and comparing the R&D charger performance with the locally available charging system. Identification of incorporating options for incorporating special features like rapid charging, user pattern analysis to customise solution for power efficiency improvement of the charger was also included in the scope of the study. The customized charging system was piloted in a commercial garage in Kishoreganj.

A comparative data analysis was conducted on two chargers (conventional and Traditional) for 7 days. It was found that the modified charger needs 7 to 9 hours to fully charge the battery. Comparatively, the conventional charger continues to charge the battery as long as the battery remains connected to the power supply. The energy consumed by the modified charger is significantly lower than the system charged with the conventional charger. A filed survey in several districts outside Dhaka was conducted during the R&D study on battery warranty, battery replacement cost, battery life, battery charging, battery water etc. The intervention showed that, minor modification in the charging system can make the system efficient and safe for the user, which eventually results in less pressure on both supply and demand side of our power sector.

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  • Al Mudabbir Bin Anam
  • Programme Coordinator, REEEP
  • E-mail: Mudabbir.anam@giz.de