Reduction of Energy Consumption in Steel Industries

REEEP took an initiative for the reduction of overall energy consumption in Steel Industries. A pilot project on energy efficiency at steel re-rolling mills through technical assistance from the project and leveraging finance from local financial institutions was undertaken. In view of this, three steel manufacturing industries were selected from available secondary data of short-listed industries. Walk-though audits were conducted at the selected industries from which the industry with highest energy saving potential and displaying a positive mind-set was finalized for Investment Grade Energy Audit (IGEA).

The IGEA demonstrated energy efficiency potential and measures, low and no cost energy efficiency measures, capital intensive energy efficiency measures, investment analysis and capacity development/training needs of the industry personnel. The report also substantiated the funding requirement with implementation guideline of the desired pilot project and monitoring protocol. In addition, a training module was developed for capacity development of the industry personnel responsible for energy management.

  • Al Mudabbir Bin Anam
  • Programme Coordinator, REEEP
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