Retained Heat Cooker

In Bangladesh, only six per cent of the population has access to natural gas services, while the majority are still dependent on biomass stoves for household cooking. This inefficient practice causes widespread deforestation and has detrimental health hazards. It is estimated that this is causing 46,000 deaths every year, mostly among rural women and children. After reviewing the existing technology of traditional stoves, an alternative cooking solution based on locally available materials has been developed: the Retained Heat Cooker (RHC).

RHC is a non-electrical insulated bag designed to reduce the amount of fuel required to cook food. Instead of being placed on a stove for the entire duration, food is heated to a boiling temperature and then transferred to the RHC. It uses the principle of thermal insulation to continue the cooking process without requiring any additional heat or fuel. Laboratory tests have shown that 40-70 per cent energy can be saved using an RHC, depending on the type of meal. 15 entrepreneurs and NGOs have been trained for its manufacturing and distribution. RHC is now available in 36 districts of Bangladesh. The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has distributed 15,000 RHCs in refugee camps. A total of 33500 units have been sold to date.

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